Welcome to the Puck Propaganda Blog

I’ve decided to take a break from the ongoing setup of Puck Propaganda to write this, the very first entry for the official Puck Propaganda Blog. If you’re reading this now then that means the site has launched and hopefully everything is going as smoothly as planned.

Originally the site was pegged for launch on September 1st, however I didn’t feel that enough content was in place by that point so it was delayed indefinitely. Now, almost 2 weeks later, I believe Puck Propaganda is just about ready to be unveiled. The overall site design is complete and many of the initial site features have been finalized, such as the propaganda categories, power rankings, and weekly polls. As well, setup of the official Puck Propaganda Message Boards was just completed today. They will be launched within the coming days, likely prior to the main website itself. Finally, social media integration has kicked off with the Puck Propaganda twitter account beginning to follow and retweet the hockey community.

It’s now time for me to get back to finishing up the website. I’m in the middle of organizing the very first Puck Propaganda Power Rankings, in between keeping myself updated on the ongoing CBA discussions around the league (the first true blog entry will likely deal with these negotiations). As I mentioned earlier, if you’re reading this then Puck Propaganda is open for business. I hope you enjoy the site and become a contributing member of our community.