Delayed Power Rankings Update

Good day everyone. This week’s official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings update was delayed due to the early arrival of a brand spankin’ new hockey fan into out midst. He’s only a few days old right now, but soon enough he will take the hockey community by storm and rule over a nation of devoted fans.

Anyway, due to the delay in getting the Power Rankings updated on the website prior to the result of last night’s games, you may notice some comments, injuries, or placements as being slightly out of touch with those recent results. I will now make a few notes here to address those issues…

  • Toronto’s convincing victory over Philadelphia would have seen them rise even higher in the rankings. However, they’ll need to continue to playing well to finish the week if they hope to see that materialize in next week’s rankings.
  • San Jose looked downright terrible against Columbus last night. They were outshot badly and completely manhandled by a team featuring much, much worse talent. It could get even worse for them as they’re up against Nashville tonight before playing Chicago on Friday.
  • St. Louis continues to lose with Brian Elliott in goal, who made a last minute start after Jaroslav Halak was determined to still not be ready for action. It’s beginning to look more and more like Elliott is the least of the problems, but we’ll find out soon enough if that’s the case.