Playoff Power Rankings Take Two and Their Second Round Predictions

Blackhawks Round One

Today the Official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings were updated for the first time using playoff performance data. Our post-Round One update only features the 16 teams that made the playoffs and there was a nice bit of movement all around for both the winners and losers. The only series winner to fall in the rankings was the Penguins due to a very underwhelming performance against the Islanders, while a few series losers managed to climb slightly due to very strong performances that didn’t go unnoticed, such as the aforementioned Islanders and the Maple Leafs.

As for how the Official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings performed in predicting the opening round, well, not as well as one would have thought. Going 5 for 8 isn’t terrible, it’s better than 50% obviously, and you can’t really fault them too much for failing to predict upsets. That being said, I think the formula may need a little bit of fine tuning during the off-season, as neither of the upsets that occurred was truly shocking, and to be fair they did correctly predict two lower seeds winning. Nonetheless, there were weaknesses present on the Ducks, Canucks, and Capitals that could have been better accounted for, so some shifting in the weighting of the formula may be in order.

Anyway, that’s work to do in the off-season. For now there won’t be any adjustments and here are the newly updated Power Rankings projections of what will happen in Round Two.

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins (#3) defeat Ottawa Senators (#6)
Boston Bruins (#4) defeat New York Rangers (#7)

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks (#1) defeat Detroit Red Wings (#10)
Los Angeles Kings (#2) defeat San Jose Sharks (#9)

For additional notes on what comes into play for the playoff editions of the Power Rankings, check out the previous blog entry covering the Round One predictions.

This time around it looks like the Power Rankings predict that all of the higher seeds will move on. However, things will be much, much closer in the Eastern Conference, as both teams finished closely in the updated rankings and as such you can expect each of those playoff series’ to go to at least 6 games, probably 7. In the West it’s a bit more clear cut as neither the Blackhawks nor Kings should have too much trouble.

Also of note is that the newly updated Power Rankings are now predicting the Chicago Blackhawks as your 2013 Stanley Cup Champions. Again, things could change after this round, but for now they’ve clearly moved ahead of the underachieving Pittsburgh Penguins.

Finally, once again I’ll be back later today with my own personal Round Two series predictions and this time there is only one difference. Enjoy Round Two, I know I will!