Playoff Power Rankings Take Three and Their Conference Final Predictions


Today the Official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings were updated once again using playoff performance data. Our post-Round Two update only features the 8 teams that made it to round two and beyond. This time around there wasn’t any major movement, though most teams did see a slight adjustment in their relation to one another.

The Official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings were perfectly accurate in predicting the second round, going 4 for 4 and moving their overall playoff prediction tally up to 9 for 12, or 75%. Much better. To be fair though, this time around it went with all the favourites, which I’m sure many predictions did (except my own personal ones lol), so maybe it’s not incredibly impressive. Still, can’t fault the stronger teams for winning.

Once again, adjustments have been made and here are the newly updated Power Rankings projections of what will happen in the conference finals.

Eastern Conference

Pittsburgh Penguins (#1) defeat Boston Bruins (#3)

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks (#2) defeat Los Angeles Kings (#4)

For additional notes on what comes into play for the playoff editions of the Power Rankings, check out the previous blog entry covering the Round One predictions.

Once again the Power Rankings predict that the higher seeds will move on, but much like last time around it’ll be two close, hard-fought playoff series’ that are very likely to go the distance.

Finally, the newly updated Power Rankings have moved the Pittsburgh Penguins back into the top spot and are therefore once more selecting them as your 2013 Stanley Cup Champions. Again, things could change once we hit the finals, but Pittsburgh’s dominant performance in round two was enough to move them past Chicago for now.