Playoff Power Rankings Take Four and Their Stanley Cup Final Prediction


Yesterday the Official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings were updated for the final time during the playoffs. Only four teams this time around, with only a few moderate positional moves. Essentially this one is simply here to predict the Stanley Cup champion based on a wealth of evidence up to the beginning of the Stanley Cup Final.

The Official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings were 50/50 during the Conference Finals, correctly selecting the Chicago Blackhawks to advance, but incorrectly going with the Pittsburgh Penguins, who failed to even put up much of a fight. That brings the overall playoff tally to 10/14, or a little over 70%. Not bad, but I expect better.

Anyway, here’s the Power Rankings selection for Stanley Cup champion…

Stanley Cup Final

Chicago Blackhawks (#1) defeat Boston Bruins (#2)

Looks like they’re going with the Blackhawks in what was a very close final ranking. Shortly after the playoffs have ended and prior to free agency beginning there will be another update to the Power Rankings, this one being the first for the 13/14 offseason.

Enjoy the finals!