Puck Propaganda’s Official 2013 NHL Entry Draft Prospect Rankings

In the process of preparing the official Puck Propaganda Mock Draft for the opening two rounds of the upcoming 2013 NHL Entry Draft on June 30th, I compiled a list of roughly 150 of the top prospects available on draft day. I then slowly cut this list down to the top 90 as I figured that would be enough players needed to make my 61 selections for the Mock Draft. Finally, I then ranked these 90 players from best to worst, creating a finalized resource. While I’m still in the process of completing the Mock Draft (I’m currently just starting round two), I decided to share the prospect rankings themselves now as they may be of interest to others who will be preparing mock drafts or simply enjoying the entry draft itself.

Puck Propaganda‘s Official 2013 NHL Entry Draft Prospect Rankings are presented on this page as an embedded version of the Google spreadsheet I used to compile it. Some of the columns have been removed (the Scouting Report and NHL Comparisons fields) due to the entire width of the spreadsheet not being compatible with the overall website layout, but if you would like to view the spreadsheet itself in its original form, a link to the Google spreadsheet version is supplied at the end of this post.

2013 NHL Entry Draft Prospect Rankings


Spreadsheet Link