2013/14 Pre-Season Power Rankings


Just wanted to blog a quick note on the recently updated Power Rankings before getting back to finishing off a few season prediction articles.

First off, this initial run for the 2013/14 season obviously does not include current performance variables, so they’re more keenly tied to expected, “on paper” production based on prior evidence.

Secondly, I’d again like to point out that the Power Rankings do not reflect a pure opinion of myself or anyone else at Puck Propaganda. They’re uniquely formula based and while I do believe it’s a flawless formula that’s unrivaled in the team rankings field, I don’t necessarily agree with each and every team’s position. As an example, I feel the Ottawa Senators are too high. Shouldn’t be in the top 10 as far as I’m concerned, but hey, maybe that’s just due to blind hatred and jealousy (it is).

In other news, you can expect to see my coming season predictions in the near future. I’ll be providing a standings prediction broken down by division, some award winner predictions, and finally, the grand daddy of them all, a Stanley Cup finals prediction. Maybe more stuff as well if time permits.