2013/14 Opening Night Recap


Last night was pretty awesome for the majority of us not on the “ban fighting” bandwagon. All three games were very exciting offensively and featured come from behind victories. There was plenty of goal scoring as the six teams combined for 26 goals in total. Both league stars and rookies made their presence known, while players with new homes also made an impact for their current team.

However, not everyone was happy. The goaltenders couldn’t have been too thrilled with their play, especially the three that lost. The defense was pretty shoddy for the most part as well. Both of those issues can be chalked up to rust though. The other issue, the more important one, that put a dark cloud over the night’s festivities was the injury to George Parros that resulted from a fight with Colton Orr.

Every year now someone gets hurt in a fight and out come the wolves. Quite frankly, I’m sick of it. Not fighting, the people that bitch about it. I see where they’re coming from, prevent needless injuries and all that jazz, but whatever. I’ve never been a fan of the staged fights and the pure enforcers that contribute nothing else to the game, but they know what they’re doing and if they’re willing to deal with the potential consequences to earn a living, well that’s their choice. At least until the NHL fazes them out and they will. It’s coming, most definitely.

Look at what the NHL did to checking after all the concussions. It’s nearly impossible to lay a big hit now without someone bringing it up as suspension worthy. Fighting will eventually be the same. It’ll be curbed to happen less often, reducing the role of one-dimensional enforcers until they’re gone completely. That’s fine. I just hope they don’t take it a step too far like they did with checking.

Anyway, here are some additional notes on last night’s action, including a few fantasy hockey tips…


  • Mikhail Grabovski is pretty awesome, eh? Hat trick in his first game with Washington, plus an assist. Really looked good on the Capitals power play as well. Pick him up immediately if he somehow went undrafted in your fantasy league(s).


  • Jacob Trouba played over 25 minutes in his NHL debut. I don’t know if that’s a record or not, but it was more ice time than Duncan Keith, PK Subban, or Dustin Byfuglien saw last night. If he continues to play this well with so many minutes, the Jets could surprise a lot of people in spite of having that sieve Ondrej Pavelec between the pipes.


  • Lars Eller had an excellent game for the Canadiens. He really surprised me with his play last year and may be even better this season. Is it possible he could be a first line center for the Canadiens? He’s almost definitely good enough to be a second line center in this league and that’s usually all it takes to move up to the top line in Montreal.


  • Devan Dubnyk is garbage. Edmonton, trade for a goalie already. Just pull the trigger. You still won’t make the playoffs in the near future, but you won’t have to score at least five goals every game just to have a chance at winning. Oh yeah, if you drafted Dubnyk for some reason, please drop him. You’d be better off with even a backup such as Robin Lehner, Michal Neuvirth, or Thomas Greiss.