Power Rankings Update: O Captain! My Captain!

I meant to have the Power Rankings available yesterday, but once again they were delayed, this time due to a wonky internet connection at home. Anyway, they’re now up for your viewing pleasure and this time the notes are all about each team’s captain. Well, except for the Blue Jackets, who don’t currently have a captain. Oh, and the Sabres have two for some God awful reason. Bleh.

A lot of the league’s captains are doing amazingly in the early going, especially Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. Some of the new captains as well, such as John Tavares and Mark Giordano, are off to hot starts. Then you have disgraceful captains like Claude Giroux tarnishing what it means to be a captain. Shameful.


Enjoy the rankings! There was a ton of movement this week due to a rash of injuries league wide. Gotta love it.