2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals Picks


Well, I was almost perfect in the West, getting both series correct and only missing the number of games for the Blackhawks/Wild series. The East though, ouch. Both wrong, way wrong. Ugh.

The Conference Finals are going to be awesome.  Here are my picks…

Eastern Conference Final

Montreal Canadiens vs. New York Rangers

Could go either way and I feel like I should go with the Canadiens because they managed to knock off my Cup favourite in the Bruins, but I dunno, I just kinda have this feeling the Rangers haven’t really played their best hockey yet and are about to turn it up. Henrik Lundqvist isn’t going to be as shaky as Tuukka Rask was against the Canadiens either, despite his bad record against Montreal of late. This will probably be a very low scoring series with a ton of shutouts.

Rangers in 7.

Western Conference Final

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Los Angeles Kings

The series I’ve been waiting for and a rematch of last year’s WCF. It’s tough to bet against the Blackhawks but the Kings have that whole team of destiny thing going for them just like when they won the Cup a few years ago. They’re better prepared for Chicago than they were last season and Marian Gaborik is playing unreal hockey at the moment. I also like Jonathan Quick over Corey Crawford. Either way, at the very least I think it’ll be a closer series than last time.

Kings in 7.



The Power Rankings picked the same as I did in Round Two, so it obviously screwed up just as bad also.

The Power Rankings have now been updated to reflect the second round results and changed to reflect only the 8 teams that took part. Teams are still ranked based on overall strength, and yes, Boston and Pittsburgh are still ranked higher than the teams that beat them because the rosters are still considered strong enough to outweigh the “fluke” Game 7 losses.

Eastern Conference Final

Montreal Canadiens (#5) defeat New York Rangers (#7)

Western Conference

Chicago Blackhawks (#1) defeat Los Angeles Kings (#2)

Looks like the Power Rankings predict the opposite of my picks this time.

To conclude, as of now, the official Puck Propaganda Power Rankings now project that the Chicago Blackhawks will become the 2014 Stanley Cup champions.

Enjoy the Conference Finals!!