2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Finals Picks


Boosh! Nailed the Conference Finals winners and only missed being perfect by one game played in the East. Shame Carey Price got injured or that likely would have went to seven games I think. Oh well, let’s move on to the final round.

Stanley Cup Final

Los Angeles Kings vs. New York Rangers

It’s pretty easy for me to pick the Kings and I will do so once again. I picked them to reach the Finals before the season started, I picked them during every round in the playoffs, and I’ve got to stick with them until the bitter end now, especially seeing as they’re not up against the Bruins (my preseason Cup winner pick). On paper the Kings are superior to the Rangers in all areas but one, they have far more playoff experience, and they’ve played and defeated far superior teams during these playoffs. All that being said, the Rangers certainly have a chance because that one area of advantage for them is in goal. Henrik Lundqvist has been lights out the entire playoffs and throughout his career for that matter, so if anyone can steal a series it’s him. Jonathan Quick on the other hand has been shaky at times for the Kings, so if he falters badly once again it could spell trouble for Los Angeles. Overall though, I can’t see the Rangers winning more than two games and the Cup will return to LA once more.

Kings in 6.



The Power Rankings picked the exact opposite of myself in the Conference Finals, therefore going 0 for 2. Not good. They’ve now been updated to reflect those results and it looks pretty much as you’d expect (yes, the Blackhawks would be expected to win the Cup if they reached the final over the Kings).

Stanley Cup Final

Los Angeles Kings (#1) defeat New York Rangers (#3)

The Power Rankings go with the obvious in siding with me.

Enjoy the Stanley Cup Final!!