About Us

Puck Propaganda the website has only been online since August of 2012. However, long before then it existed as an idea in the mind of its founder, The Dictator. In the beginning he worked to spread this idea of a hockey lexicon built on a foundation of simple truths by sharing it with fellow hockey fans in his life and on existing hockey websites. This soon proved to be insufficient, as a centralized repository was needed in order to reach a global audience. Thus, the Puck Propaganda website was born. Now anyone can access and share the indisputable facts that guide us.

Who owns and operates Puck Propaganda

The Dictator is the chief owner and operator of Puck Propaganda. He works with his team of qualified propagandists to provide you with the best coverage of hockey available on the web.

Who is The Dictator?

The Dictator is Puck Propaganda‘s creator and unquestionable leader. He is the light that guides Puck Propaganda in the spread of its sound doctrine comprised of hockey’s divine truths.

No, really, who is The Dictator?

For the purposes of Puck Propaganda he simply goes by his online persona, that being The Dictator. However, if one really wanted to take the time to figure out his real name it wouldn’t be overly difficult to discover. Regardless, who he really is is not important to Puck Propaganda‘s cause and therefore his real name will not be published by us in any form. To you he’s The Dictator, nothing more, nothing less.

What are the main features of Puck Propaganda?

The main feature of Puck Propaganda that differentiates it from other online hockey resources is its one-of-a-kind propaganda encyclopedia. This warehouse of information provides users with direct access to the facts on a variety of hot-button issues. No other website is capable of rendering exact, authoritative judgement like Puck Propaganda.

Other key features of Puck Propaganda include its main Blog hosted by The Dictator himself, weekly 100% accurate Power Rankings, Fantasy guides of unrivaled precision, and FANtastic message boards.

Is Puck Propaganda free?

Of course. Our goal is to spread our propaganda to every corner of the globe and what better way to accomplish this than to provide our propaganda free of charge to the hockey community. Enjoy our website and message boards to your heart’s content. Share it with your friends and spread the propaganda. Just be sure to comply with the Terms of Use.

In the future we may add pay products or services, such as official Puck Propaganda merchandise, but these products or services will be completely optional.

What right do you have to consider your propaganda as fact?

Puck Propaganda painstakingly researches each and every one of its propaganda subjects with utmost care. The propaganda is therefore based on unquestionable facts that already exist prior to our investigation and as such cannot be denied. For example, it has already been proven that “1 + 1 = 2”. Therefore, stating that “the sum of 1 and 1 is definitely 2” is a fact that cannot be disputed. Puck Propaganda doesn’t consider its propaganda as fact, it is fact.

Do you ban people for disagreeing with Puck Propaganda? 

No, we merely pity them. Puck Propaganda hopes that someday they will realize the error of their ways, but we do not silence them in the meantime.

What makes your Power Rankings better than the rest?

Puck Propaganda‘s Power Rankings are the only ones officially authorized to make use of the DOH! system. This system guarantees an unrivaled accuracy and precision that cannot be matched by competing algorithms.

What are the exact formulas used for the Power Rankings?

The exact formulas used in the computation of DOH! cannot be revealed, for if they were to fall into the wrong hands, our world would surely be on the brink of annihilation.

What makes your fantasy guides better than the rest?

Our fantasy guides are backed by the smartest minds of the Puck Propaganda team, a fact that no other fantasy guide can lay claim to.

Can I get a job at Puck Propaganda?

No, because all members of the Puck Propaganda team provide their time on a volunteer basis. However, if you would like to contribute you can contact us and fill us in on what you could provide as a member of the team.

How can I advertise on Puck Propaganda?

All of the ads appearing on Puck Propaganda are provided by Google AdSense. If you would like to have your ads display on our website, please go through the appropriate channels via Google AdSense.

What should I do with problems and/or concerns?

If you have any problems using the website or concerns with any of our content, please feel free to contact us.