Welcome to the Puck Propaganda NHL Power Rankings. Here you’ll find the definitive word on which NHL teams should come out on top during any given week of the current NHL season. If you’re viewing these Power Rankings for the first time (or you’re new to the concept of Power Rankings in general), please take a look at the official Puck Propaganda Power Ranking Methodology. It will explain the concept and outline the criteria used to establish these rankings.

The Puck Propaganda NHL Power Rankings will be updated on Monday of each week during the current NHL regular season, with the final in-season update coming just before commencement of the NHL Playoffs, at which the Power Rankings will go on hold. However, upon conclusion of the NHL Playoffs, sporadic updates to the Power Rankings will occur during the off-season to coincide with major events leading up to the following season, such as the NHL Entry Draft, fallout from Free Agent Frenzy, training camp/preseason performance, etc.


Updated: May 1st, 2014