GOAT (Greatest of All Time)


Since the very beginning, hockey media has thrived on controversy regarding the “greatest of all time”. Not a year goes by without some new or updated opinion piece on the greatest player ever to lace up the skates or the greatest team ever assembled. Puck Propaganda shall silence these questionable voices once and for all. Here you will find the definitive guide to hockey’s GOAT. Each and every GOAT selection has been scrutinized to the fullest extent of the law, utilizing the trademark audacious bias and impudent facts you’ve come to expect from Puck Propaganda. This ensures that the GOAT selection is crystal clear and irrefutable by our strict standards. Learn from this sound doctrine and don’t forget to spread the propaganda!

GOAT GoaltenderGOAT Goaltender

GOAT DefensemanGOAT Defenseman

GOAT Left WingGOAT Left Wing

GOAT Right WingGOAT Right Wing

GOAT CenterGOAT Center

GOAT CoachGOAT Coach


GOAT International TeamGOAT International Team

GOAT DynastyGOAT Dynasty

GOAT UnderdogGOAT Underdog

We’re not done yet! Still more to come in the near future!