TFOE (The Field of Excellence)


The Field of Excellence is dedicated to honoring the best of the best in areas not quite suitable for GOAT or HOFM. Here you’ll find amazing achievements in a wide range of categories, everything from best contract to best product endorsement. As always, our words will be backed up with the usual comprehensive analysis and logical thinking that you’ve come to expect from Puck Propaganda. Enlighten yourself with these flashes of brilliance and don’t forget to spread the propaganda!

Best Structural Rule ChangeTFOE Best Structural Rule Change

Best Functional Rule ChangeTFOE Best Functional Rule Change

Best Individual AwardTFOE Best Individual Award

Best Team AwardTFOE Best Team Award

Most Important Player InnovationTFOE Most Important Player Innovation

Most Important Product InnovationTFOE Most Important Product Innovation

Best Overall Player ContractTFOE Best Overall Player Contract

Best Product EndorsementTFOE Best Product Endorsement

Best Quote (Player)TFOE Best Quote (Player)

Best Quote (Coach)TFOE Best Quote (Coach)

We’re not done yet! Still more to come in the near future!