WPE (Worst. Propaganda. Ever.)


WPE is our shrine to the dark side of hockey. For every amazing goal or incredible save there is an equally horrendous gaff that paves your way to being on this list. This is not a list of bloopers (though some may be considered in that vein), it’s simply the worst of the worst conscious plays and/or decisions that have graced our great sport. Puck Propaganda presents them to you, unedited, such that they can be remembered as the travesties that they are for all of eternity. Even the bad aspects of our doctrine must be shared to enhance the knowledge of those around us, so always remember to spread the propaganda!

Worst Goal ScoredWPE Worst Goal Scored

Worst Own GoalWPE Worst Own Goal

Dumbest PenaltyWPE Dumbest Penalty

Worst DiveWPE Worst Dive

Dumbest Coaching DecisionWPE Dumbest Coaching Decision

Worst ContractWPE Worst Contract

Weakest Penalty CallWPE Weakest Penalty Call

Worst Missed CallWPE Worst Missed Call

Worst Disallowed GoalWPE Worst Disallowed Goal

Worst Allowed GoalWPE Worst Allowed Goal

We’re not done yet! Still more to come in the near future!